Payne Highland Rod

About 1925 Jim Payne and Frank Oram introduced the "Highland" Model rod. It was designed using light-toned bamboo with bright German Silver mountings. The wrappings were moss-green with red tipping at the keeper and ferrules. This rod was marketed as a slightly lower priced rod, to compete with H. L. Leonard's "Mill Standard" which was gaining popularity due to aggressive William Mills & Co. advertising. The "Highland" Model maintained the same standard of quality as all other Payne rods. The total production of "Highland" Models was short lived and limited. The Stock Market crash of 1929 had a chilling effect all over the fishing tackle industry. Not many years later it was decided to discontinue the "Highland" Model and focus on the models the major retailers were demanding during this Depression era. The "Highland" Model remains a unique and rare design we are proud to offer again, 83 years after the first "Highland" Model was conceptualized.


SPECIFICATIONS: 2 Piece, 2 tips, cigar grip with bright finished guides, slide band reelseat and ferrules, light brown bamboo, wound 'Highland-Moss' green, tipped red at ferrules. Finished with our famous hand brushed varnish. Packed in a poplin bag and brass mounted aluminum case.

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Highland Rod



Line Size

Rod Weight



7 ft.


3 1/4 oz



7 1/2 ft.


3 5/8 oz




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